9 Packing Tips

Moving with Professional Movers:

  • Movers will pack what is in each room and label the box with the room name that was packed.  Make sure before they come you have all things in the room that should be packed with that room.  Likewise, remove things from the room that shouldn’t be packed together to save yourself a hassle on unpacking day.

  • No one will care for your sentimental items like you do so if it’s important to you, consider wrapping and packing those items yourself.

  • Have a box ready for the essentials your family will need on your first night/morning in the new place and bring it in your vehicle.  You’ll want to make sure there’s coffee, cereal, medications, pet food, a few dishes/silverware, paper towels and toilet paper.

Packing and Moving Yourself:

  • Boxes are not that hard to find if you are packing yourself - call stores, friends, check Craigslist (they’re usually free!) to round up enough boxes.  
  • Invest in a tape dispenser for the packing tape - it may seem like a luxury but after taping 100+ boxes, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Make color coded labels for each room (or tape down colored post-its written on with a Sharpie).  When you pack a boxes in a particular room, label all of those boxes with that label/color, then when you’re unloading boxes and you can just look for a color to decide where it goes.

  • Newspaper offices usually have “end rolls” of paper that aren’t long enough to print their production runs but still have plenty of paper to use for packing.  If you don’t use all of it packing, give them to the kids as an art paper roll.

  • Check the new neighborhood covenants and rules about parking your moving truck or PODS, especially if you’re going to leave it there overnight.

  • When you’re done with your boxes, consider posting a Facebook or Craigslist ad letting people know you have free boxes to recycle.