Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

It’s almost fall and that means it’s time to redecorate our spaces with pumpkins, leaves, and burlap. While decorating inside is fun, don’t forget your front door, porch and walkway!  Below are some creative ideas to bring fall decor to your front door.

Add a wreath - by using outdoor command strips, you can hang and secure any size wreath to the outside of your front door without leaving any permanent damage.  Remember, if you’ve recently painted your front door - you shouldn’t use a command strip within the first 90 days after painting.

Stack your pumpkins - When decorating with pumpkins, go beyond the typical shape and look for some flatter “stacking” pumpkins in graduating diameters to stack on either side of your front door.  For added flair, pile acorns and pinecones on the stacked edges and even stick some dried wheat between layers for more dimension and texture.

Use your pumpkins as planters - take the top off of your jack-o-lantern pumpkins and ‘gut’ them.  Drill or poke a few drainage holes in the bottom and fill with potting soil.  Plant your mums or marigolds directly in the soil.  Obviously your planters will eventually rot so don’t place them directly on finished wood and don’t expect them to last a month but for a special event or guest, they’re a beautiful alternative to a typical planter.

Turn trash to treasure - now’s the time to drag out those pallet pieces, old barrels, galvanized buckets, and mason jars to make a really rustic focal point.  Adding gourds, corn and stalks, mums and pumpkins to any arrangement will make it an instant fall beauty spot.  If you’re stuck, string some led lights through the base areas or jars to really dazzle.

Add a chalkboard - you can get chalkboards in many shapes and sizes lately and when propped up against a haybale or standing tall beside your front door you can add your family’s initial, a welcome message, or just about any greeting to enhance your fall decor.

Display your address - if you have a small front step or porch and not much room for a dramatic fall display, consider painting just your address numbers on a pumpkin (or a couple of pumpkins) and sit them out front.  It’s a cute and unique way to set your unit apart.

Use metallic bronze spray paint - you wouldn’t believe what you can dress up with metallic spray paint these days.  Cheap plastic pumpkin pails for trick-or-treating can be made into beautiful planters, bulky candle stands can be revived to hold pumpkins or plants, and even pumpkins and gourds themselves take on a sophisticated look with a coat of metallic bronze.

No matter what you choose to use, fall decorating can be fun and inexpensive if you’re willing to get a little creative!