9 Spring & Summer Decorating Ideas

Winter is over and it’s time to liven up our indoor spaces! Here are a few ideas to help inspire you to embrace the new season without breaking the bank:

  1. Use Magnetic Blooms - add a splash of color to your solid colored tablecloth by embellishing them with a bunch of magnetic fitted flowers;

  2. Use table runners as a placemat for 2 - instead of buying new individual placemats in spring colors, double up the use of table runners as placemats for diners seated across from one another;

  3. Add a new “bedskirt" - cover that box spring with a drape of rectangular fabric in a bright, corresponding color to add a pop of spring color to your bedroom;

  4. Replace your welcome mat - toss out that dark, winter stained mat for a new brightly colored spring mat or even opt for a custom mat with your house number;

  5. Use Milk pails as garden pots - old fashioned enamel milk pots are available at flea markets and farm supply stores and make great indoor garden pots that add color and rustic charm (be sure to remove potted plants to water);

  6. Freshen up the details - add a pop of spring color with a few floral throw pillows or by using new bright colored coasters in your living room;

  7. Use seam binding to brighten your lampshade - glue brightly colored seam binding strips to your plain white lampshade in a vertical pattern to liven up your lighting;

  8. Bring outside in - embellish white pillar candles using non-flammable glue to adhere blades of wheat grass or flat flower petals to the outside to bring a little spring inside;

  9. Make lattice frames - use disassembled latticework attached to flat front picture frames to make crisscross shapes of the lath and spray paint them a bright spring color.  Press fresh or silk flowers inside the frame to add to the spring decor.

However you choose to update your look this season, remember to use lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and floral patterns when saying goodbye to your Winter decor.

Happy Decorating!

Tips source: MarthaStewart.com