9 Spots Not to Forget When You Clean

No one loves to clean but if you are going to face the dreaded task, here are a few areas you may want to add to your checklist to make sure they’re not overlooked:

  1. Vacuum - sure, it’s a cleaning tool itself but how often do you clean it?  To keep everything in working order, change your filter, use compressed air to blow off dust in the the crevices, and check your brush roller every so often to make sure it’s clean;

  2. Drip Coffee Maker - even if you wash the obvious pieces of your coffee maker, there are spots you can’t get to that need cleaning too.  For those spots, mix 3 cups white vinegar to 6 cups of coffee (or use a 1:1 ratio if you haven’t done this in awhile!) and run it like you would normally with a filter but no grounds.  Once complete discard the solution and filter and wait 15 minutes to run another cycle with just plain water to rinse;

  3. Window Sills - even if you do remember to dust your blinds like you should, are you lifting them up and cleaning your window sills?  This is a task you could get away with doing every other week but don’t forget about it altogether;

  4. Baseboards - cue the collective groan at the thought of crawling around your whole house wiping down baseboards but we all know it’s a task that can’t be left undone indefinitely.  If you’ve got kids at home (or in the neighborhood) maybe you could offer a small incentive to let them do the dirty work for you;

  5. Closets - this is not a call to go through unwanted clothing but to actually remove things sitting on the floors of your closets (like shoes) to clean the floor underneath.  We’re pros at cleaning high traffic areas but how often are you cleaning the places where your shoes go the most?

  6. Light fixtures - it’s amazing how quickly dust and grime can build up on ceiling fan blades and globes; keeping in front of the buildup by adding them to your weekly dusting schedule will help.  I remember once a year my mom used to run her glass globes from light fixtures on the top rack of the dishwasher - at the very least a good handwash every now and then will keep them clean and clear;

  7. Fireplace - we tend to forget about our hearth in the warmer months but it is still collecting dust like everything else in the house so be sure to dust or vacuum it regularly so it will be ready to go when we need it again;

  8. Drains - if you’ve ever had to clean build-up out of a bathroom drain you know this is one area you should never neglect. There are a good many products on the market to help keep that “gunk” from stopping up your drains and keep everything flowing smoothly - if you want to skip the chemicals, you can use vinegar here as well;

  9. Vents - they’re all through the house and most are hard to get to but if left alone they tend to grow “fur” so be sure to dust them both high and low and especially don’t forget to clean the one in your dryer!

Although cleaning our own house is sometimes a thankless task that seems to be undone way easier than it was done, we all feel better when we know even the most overlooked places are spic and span...at least for another week.

Happy Cleaning!