9 Kitchen Storage Spots You May Have Forgotten About

We never seem to have enough storage, especially in the Kitchen.  Here are a few places you may have forgotten about (or never even considered) to add storage to your Kitchen:

  1. Use the sides of lower cabinets or your island - install a magazine holder to keep up with food magazines and recipes without letting them get lost in the shuffle or take valuable drawer space.

  2. Install a narrow shelf on your backsplash - if you find the sweet spot high enough to avoid cooking utensils below and far enough from the underside of cabinets above, you can double your counter space for things like often used spices, prep bowls or recipe books.

  3. Hang a drying rack above your sink - not only does it use wasted space (provided you don’t have a window there), your pots can drip dry after you wash them.

  4. Add shelving above your fridge - consider using slotted sections for cookie sheets and an open modular area for your crockpot.

  5. Hang floating shelves in awkward corners - use that dead space between cabinets or windows to add custom floating shelves and use them to show off seasonal decor or for more practical storage of everyday plates and bowls.  Also, don’t waste the space below!  Add hooks for hanging mugs or towels and pot holders to eke out every drop of storage.

  6. Store above your cabinets - use this space to store items that you like to have on hand but don’t want to use space in your pantry.  This idea can double as a decorating benefit if you use the space to store items that look nice on their own such as infused oils and drink mixers.

  7. Use the backside of  cabinet doors - add a corkboard and pins to the backside of your cabinets to hang items such as measuring spoons or pot holders.

  8. Use every inch of empty walls - no space should go unused, if there’s no room for floating shelves consider adding pegboard so you can mix and match your storage with hooks for smaller items and wire baskets for larger things.

  9. Don’t forget your window alcove - if you have a window, consider adding a shelf above your curtain to store things like cookbooks without blocking the natural light.

Hopefully you can find a few good ideas here to increase the storage in your own Kitchen and maybe even be inspired to look for unused space in your other rooms.

Happy Organizing!

Tips source: HouseBeautiful.com